Khalid from Morocco applies for Blue Card Germany

Physicists and astronomers

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Name of profession: Physicists and astronomers Name of latest business sector: Research and development (R&D) Latest occupation/title: Researcher Latest main activities: Thin films and nanostructures for energy & Environment (solar cells)


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: PhD about the synthesis and characterization of the thermo-electrically materials Specialisation: Physics: Material science and engineering Additional trainings: Numerical methods for applied physics

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Scientific Record

29 Publications – 6 International Conferences – 20 Communications
7 Invited Conferences in Universities and Companies

Academic and Professional Background

• 08/2009 – Present: Associate Researcher. iNANOTECH-MAScIR, Rabat, Morocco.
-Project leader: Thin films & nanostructures for energy and environment. MAScIR Nanotechnology.
-MPC leader: FP7 project “EuroSunMed”, thin films for PV solar cells.
-Project leader: Development of a prototype reactor for the degradation of the wastewater” Coll. MAScIR, OCP and University Hassan 1 (FST Settat).

• 09/2007 – 07/2009: Post-doctoral fellowship, Kyoto University, Japan.
(Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science JSPS). International Collaboration Centre ICC,
Project: Synthesis and characterization of metals nanoparticles for optical and electrical applications

• 02/2007 – 01/2009: Associate Researcher. CNESTEN, Kenitra, Morocco.
National Center for Energy Sciences and Nuclear Techniques (CNESTEN), Maamora Kénitra.

• 01/2006 – 01/2007: Research and training certificate. University Montpellier II, France.
The use of numerical methods for applied physics. Laboratoire de Groupe d’Etude des
Semiconducteurs GES.

• 2002 – 2005: PhD in Physics. LP2A University of Perpignan, France
Host laboratory: Groupe Etude Semiconducteurs GES, University Montpellier II (Pr. S. Charar).
(LP2A, Perpignan). The thesis is about the synthesis and characterization of the
thermo-electrically materials.

• 2001 – 2002: DEA (Master) in Physics: Material science and engineering. University
Blaise Pascal, Clermont-FD, France.

• 1999 – 2001: Bachelor of Science, Physics: condensed matter. University Mohammed V.
Rabat, Morocco.
Teaching Activities

• 2002 – 2005 : Université Montpellier II, IUT de Nîmes. (Physics & mathematics)
Graduate degree from the Institut Universitaire de Technologie, Nîmes, France.

• 2002 – 2006: Rectorat de Montpellier. Physical and Mathematical science instructor,
Montpellier, France.


-September 2007: Award of Excellence (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science
JSPS) issued by the Japanese government, Kyoto University, Japan.

-June 2006: Qualified Lecturer: Section 28 (Physics: Material science), France.
-June 2001: Award best ten students of the Mohammed V University FS Rabat.
Master in Physics. Collaboration with Blaise Pascal University, Clermont-FD, France.

Research Interest and Expertise:

Thin films and nanostructures development by wet chemical techniques,
- Wet chemical synthesis of metallic and SC nanostructures (Nanoparticles, ZnO and TiO2 nanorods, etc..) by using seed-mediated growth techniques and hydrothermal, liquid phase deposition, sol-gel, dip-coating etc...
- Synthesis of self-assembled metallic nanoparticles and their functionalization on TCOs substrate by seed mediated growth techniques.
- Thermo-electrical materials development (Skutterudites La(Ce)Fe4Sb12, and PbRTe, R=rare earth).
Thin films development by Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
- n-type TCOs development by sputtering and evaporation PVD deposition System (ZnO and SnO2 doped & co-doped (Al, Ti, Ga, Ag, F…).
- p-type TCOs development (Cu-based CuBO2 where B is a trivalent cation).
- Metallic and metal oxide thin films development by RF and DC sputtering deposition (multi-junction and co-deposition)
- Metallic thin films deposition by E-beam evaporation (Al, Ag, Mo, etc...).
- Processing of active and buffer layers by spin coating (ZnO, TiO2, PEDOT:PSS).
Thin film fabrication technology: PVD (NexDep and EvoVac), Seed mediated growth, Liquid Phase Deposition, sol-gel; hydrothermal, spin-coating.
Characterization technology (Skills):
? Structural and Morphology: XRD, SEM, AFM, Zetasier-Nano (Malvern), Contact Angle.
? Electrical measurement: Electrical resistivity, conductivity, hall mobility…
? Spectroscopy: FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR, IR, ATG, CV, EIS, ...

Collective and Administrative Responsibilities:
? Member of the recruitment committee at iNANOTECH/MAScIR (since 2010)
? >20 manuscripts reviewed since 2009 (JALCOM, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Materials Science, Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical, etc...)
? Member of MANEREE and REUNET in the field of PV solar cell
? Member of the organizing committee of the Polymer Processing Society PPS. Marrakech, Morocco, May 10-15, 2011.
Training of highly qualified personnel: 3 PhD and 5 post-graduate students.

Academic Collaborations and References:
Prof. M. Oyama (Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan), Prof I. Kityk (Czestochowa University, Czestochowa, Poland), Prof. M. Bousmina (Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Rabat, Morocco), Prof. D. Chaumont (NanoForm, Dijon, France), Prof. N. Esidor (CNRS-CEMHTI, Orleans, France), Prof. A. Slaoui (InESS, Strasbourg, France), Prof. A. Dinia (IPCMS, Strasbourg, France), Prof. M. Abd-Lefdil (FS Rabat, Morocco). Prof A. Ennaoui (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH, Berlin, Germany).



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