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Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Industrial Automation Latest occupation/title: Head of Designing Department Latest main activities: Industrial Machineries


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Electrical Engineering Specialisation: Railway Additional trainings: Automation

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Dear Sirs,
My name is Ali, a 31 year old Electrical engineer (M.S. from IUST-Teheran-Iran) who is very positive and creative in his job career and has more than 6 years' experience in field of industrial automation at industry sector. You will never hear "I cannot!" from me! Everything is possible, impossible is impossible!
I am familiar with many robotic systems and servo-systems, programming languages and softwares, famous brands of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), networking solutions, fieldbus protocols and modules, many kind of invertors and convertors, controlling an industrial process with a computer, automated production managing and many other skills at this matter.
I can read/write/speak in German/English/Persian fluently.
Below you will find a brief introduction to my other activities and skills:

Skills and Experiences:
• System designing for factory automation in both hardware and software
• Familiar with industrial protocols of filed bus communications such as
CANBUS, ProfiBUS, SERCOS, RS-422/485 and Ethernet
• Worked on AC and DC servo motor/drivers and automation modules from
famous companies
• Having knowledge of train control, signaling and interlocking system
• Professional VC++ .Net programmer
• Know computer graphical languages such as OpenGL and DirectX

I have 4 years' experience in Rasekh-Afzar Co. and FSS research center. I've done several industrial projects during these years such as quality test system of rubber for Iran Standard National Institute and dosing machine for a diamond tools producer company. Also I have 2 years' experience at Tehran Metro Line #7 as power supply head engineer.
- System integration from components - Project management
- RFID designing from Phillips Sem. - Proposal writing
- Team project work - Deep investigation on power transformers
- Knowledge of train control systems - Application programming
- Making presentations - Familiar with traction power supplies
Personal Particulars:
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : May 10, 1982
Nationality : Iranian
Marital Status : Married (I have an 8 month old baby)
Languages: Persian – German – English


1. Ali R. Moniri, Siamak Farshad, "A New Approach for Power Transformers
Condition Monitoring by FRA", IEEE International Conference on Condition
Monitoring, Changwon, Korea, 2006
2. Ali R. Moniri, "An Intelligent CT Using ANN for Saturation Error Correction",
6th Iranian Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Tabriz, Iran,
2003, pp.57~61
3. Ali R. Moniri, Bahman Kaganj, "EFRA", 7th Iranian Conference on Electrical and
Electronics Engineering, Tehran, Iran, 2004, pp.189~195
4. Ali R. Moniri, Siamak Farshad, "Database for Power Transformer Fingerprint, a
Way to Improve Reliability in Modern Railways", COMPRAIL 2006, Prague,
Czech Republic, 2006
5. Ali R. Moniri, Siamak Farshad, "FRA Solution as a Component of SCADA",
IEE Proceedings - Generation, Transmission and Distribution journal
6. Ali R. Moniri, Siamak Farshad, "Secure Power Delivery by Transformers Failure
Prediction System", IEEE Conference on Intelligent Systems 2009, Britain

Received best paper and presentation award in 6th Iranian Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering

My B.S. Final Project in Brief:
A 300W digital switching DC power supply 0~40V with voltage resolution of 0.04V. Set point was being adjusted by a keypad and shown on a LCD. Feedback system was using digital logic and a microcontroller was employed as controller of circuit.

My M.S. Thesis in Brief:
Power transformers are key components in power systems and their failure could cause severe consequences on continuity of service and also generates substantial costs. Identifying problems at an early stage, before catastrophic failure occurs, is a great benefit for reliable operation of power transformers.
Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) is a new, well-known and powerful diagnostic test technique for transformers which could find mechanical as well as electrical faults such as detection and positioning of winding short circuit, winding movement, loss of clamping pressure, aging of insulation, etc.
In my thesis I've offered a transformer automated self diagnosis system based on FRA technique to use in field. The purposed system can be installed on each power supply to extract FRA graphs from transformers which could be sent to monitoring center and store in database via network. The data gathered in the database of central monitoring system is filtered and classified by intelligent algorithms using digital regression filtering lead to valuable information which is used in decision making and scheduling for transformers maintenance.
Although the main goal of this system is condition monitoring of transformers but I've exerted a heuristic solution by Kalman Filter to predict future of transformers operation as remaining life prediction and pre-breakdown symptom analysis.

I hope these qualifications could meet your requirements and we could promote together at your esteemed company.
All the Best,


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