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Branislava Rubil
?uprijska 18/13 St., 74000 Doboj, Bosnia and Herzrgovina
Tel. : + 387 66 918711, E-mail:

EDUCATION: Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Belgrade
Course: M.S. Environmental Engineering, cumulative GPA 8,67
Faculty of Technology, University of Banja Luka, Banja Luka
Course: M.S. Chemical Engineering
Gramamr School Jovan Du?i?, Doboj,

WORKING EXPERIECE: 2009- present: Compressor Factory Trudbenik, Doboj
- Manufacturing design and development
- Preparation of manufacturing process
- Management of surface metal protection unit
- Management of silumine casting as of September

2005-2009 Nova Forma-Uniglas, automotive glass and glass furniture
- Manufacturing process design and coordination
- Manufacturing development and improvement
- Head of Quality Control
- Introduction of ISO standarda

Other relevant facts: good command of English,
understand German
Participation in the Project:
International Association for the Exchange of students for technical Experience 1.7-31.8.2007
In Cairo Iron and steel Co., and internship carried out in the relevant branch
Mines, sinter plant, blast furnice, plates and mill section, convertes and continuous casting, hot and cold rolling mill, productive shops and maint, laboratories, quality control,

Participated in
Stability pact for Souteastern europe, Deutscher akademischer austaushendienst Universitat Kaiserslautern Fachbereich Architektur, Raum und Umveltplanung Bauingenieurunwesen with prof. dr. ing Meissner and prof dr. ?ura? davidovi?

I developed my Final - Master thesis in the Oil Refinery Modri?a at Dr. Pero Dugi? and under supervison of mentor professor dr. Nedeljko ?egar, subject: physical and chemical phenomena at the interface of liquid / gas and liquid / liquid in the presence of surfactants.

Final - Master thesis finished in Trudbenik Doboj, wastewaters in the Compressor Factory Trudbenik, Doboj


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