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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Telecommunication Latest occupation/title: Integration Engineer - LTE, 3G, 2G Latest main activities: SRAN SWAP and Deployment


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Bachelor Of Engineering Specialisation: Electronics and Communication Additional trainings: CCNA,UMTS,LTE,Ericsson IP associate

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Munich/Frankfurt/Hannover 2. Preferred country | region / city: Netherlands | Amsterdam 3. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | Reading/London

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: =>

Personal note /detailed application:

To work on challenging and innovative projects where I can utilize and hone my skills and creativity with adequate opportunities which will offer me and the organization both practical and professional growth.


? More than 3+ years of experience in Telecom domain.
? Professional individual offering a strong background in the areas of WCDMA RF Optimization & Tuning for AT&T US UMTS networks.
? Worked as LRAN\WRAN Integration & Network Rollout Engineer.
? Adept knowledge in Scripting, Planning, Upgrades, Troubleshooting.
? Having 2 onsite experience with direct customer facing projects
? 1st to roll out LTE network in entire Europe for Vodafone, Germany
? WRAN roll out for Vodafone, United Kingdom during Olympics 2012
? Possess sound knowledge of drive test analysis using post processing tools like Citrix Neighborhood and OSS tool, Business Objects, Actix, TEMS Investigation, MCOM, MapInfo and Google Earth.
? In depth exposure of LTE, UMTS, HSDPA, EUL and 3GPP specifications.
? Ericsson IP Networking Associate & CCNA certified engineer. Good knowledge of fundamental IP protocols and Routing protocols with hands on experience on Ericsson Smart Edge router.
? Good programming skills with exposure in UNIX and Shell Scripting.
? Excellent communication, interpersonal and innovational skills with strong analytical, team building, problem solving and organizational abilities.
? Capable to adapt to any project requirement and Customer support experience.
? Good implementation capabilities to deliver an end to end solution.


A. RF Engineer (Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.) WCDMA-Optimization and tunning

1. Worked with Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd. on the project of AT&T Pre & Post launch Optimization for SSVs (Single Site Verification) of different Markets. .


? Real time communication with customer to deliver the required analysis reports till the deadlines.
? Suggest solutions, resolve queries and provide recommendations to improve the quality of network.
? Drive test analysis of 3G coverage and quality; event analysis (CS/HSDPA/HSUPA), handover analysis and missing neighbor analysis.
? In depth L3 analysis of drive logs data with Actix and suggest recommendations based on analysis related to Coverage(RSCP & EcNo), Pilot pollution, Missing neighbors, False pegs, Over shooters etc.
? Neighbor Audit, Neighbor Scrub & CR creation.
? Design drive route so as to perform drive test for Pre-launch sites.
? Optimizing Antenna orientation and Tilts for UMTS coverage and signal quality enhancement.
? Optimizing UTRAN parameters, Timers and Counters to improve Network performance.
? Analysis of poor throughput of HSDPA/HSUPA and recommend necessary changes to improve the same.
? Tilt recommendations based on pilot pollution analysis so as to reduce interference and improve network performance.
? Perform layer management (different carriers) and capacity management as a part of cluster deliverables. Also, Handover management, Cell_Designation, & FEMTOs addition as part of layer management.
? Monitor Daily and Hourly Statistics to figure out the cells that are performing bad and in turn that are contributing towards the KPI’s degradation.
? Perform periodic consistency checks and audits of parameters to make sure they are aligned with the design and agreed standards.
? Closely monitoring the Accessibility, Retain ability & mobility KPI’s of the designated Cluster’s.
? Perform the Analysis using statistics to know the root cause of the problem’s or degradation on the KPI’s.
? Schedule a periodic WNCS recording to see what Neighbors are actually causing these events and if the WNCS gives recommendations to add neighbors from 4th and 5th tier then recommendation to down tilt.
? Optimize the Power control Parameter with Initials target values.

B. LTE RAN Engineer (Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.) Germany- SRAN Modernization

1. Worked with Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd. onsite project – Germany D2 Vodafone SRAN Modernization.
2. Vodafone Germany is the 1st operator in the Europe to roll out LTE
3. Worked as Team Lead to co-ordinate with the different interfaces to ensure the timely delivery and resolve issues.
4. Acted as Customer Solution responsible, created ways of working process and method of procedure.
5. Delivered several knowledge transfer sessions to peers regarding “eNodeB integration & configuration”
6. Got appreciation from top level customer management for outstanding contribution & support to reach Q1 target.


? Commissioning & Integration of eNODE B’s (LTE 800\2600) with MME.
? Integration of SIU\TIU with eNODE B.
? Swapping from Ericsson RBS 2000 to RBS 6000(2G\GSM)
? Swapping from RBS 3000 to RBS 6000(3G).
? UMTS - 3rd carrier additon
? LTE – secGW re-homing
? Ipsec installation & distribution
? Creating scripts for configuration changes
? Trouble shooting & fixing the issues for 3G & LTE RAN network.
? Up gradation of RAN network with latest software patches and software releases (G12B,W12B,L12B).
? O&M activities of UMTS NODE B’s and LTE eNODE B’s.
? Familiar with preparation of configuration data for interfacing NODE B’s with RNC.
? Analysis of traffic data and tuning radio parameters accordingly to achieve all contracted KPI s above target levels

C. WRAN Integration Engineer (Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd.)United Kingdom- New 3G site Deployment

1. Worked with Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd. onsite project – United Kingdom Vodafone New 3G site planning and deployment.
2. Project was successfully offshored to Ericsson India after onsite KT.
3. Created ways of working process and method of procedure document.
4. Delivered several knowledge transfer sessions to peers regarding “Vodafone network tools & procedure”
5. Received Star employee award and got appreciation from top level customer management for outstanding contribution & support during Olympics event.


? End to End New 3G site deployment.
? Installation, commissioning and integration of new NODE B’s E/// RBS6000 & RBS 3000 with RNC 3810\3820.
? Planning of 3G site using Cramer OSS 8 tool.
? Node B Cabinet Swap from RBS 3000 to 6000.
? 2nd /3rd Carrier Addition for an existing 3G site.
? Expansion of Node B- includes E1 expansion, cards upgrade,speed upgrade.
? QOS Configuration – Includes L2 configuring ATM IMA PVC’s in Tellabs 8660/Lucent – CBGX.
? All above activity requires co-ordination with local ASP on site & different VF interfaces.
? Implementation SDH circuits in Lucent OMS.
? Testing of Transmission circuit from NODE B to RNC.
? Testing and troubleshooting of NODE B and supporting for test call.
? Defining NODE B IP address in DNS server using IPworks6 tool.
? Supporting team members in troubleshooting of the Technical issues

? STAR EMPLOYEE award for outstanding contribution during special event London Olympics 2012.
? Ericsson IP Networking Associate certified engineer.
? Ericsson IP Essentials certified engineer
? Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA.
? Appreciation from Top customer management for establishing Ways of working & Method of procedure for offshoring project to India.
? NCC Army wing ‘B’ level certified

? Citrix Neighbourhood and OSS tool (Solaris Server) for Ericsson Spotlight. MOSHELL & Winfoil, Cramer OSS, Tellabs 8600, Lucent OMS, Lucent CBGX
? Atoll, Actix classic and spotlight, TEMS Investigation 9.1.3, TEMS Discovery..
? MCOM 5.7, MapInfo Professional 7.0, Google earth, MS office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word)..
? Business objects, Cygwin.
? Programming Languages: C, C++, Shell Scripting, UNIX commands.
? IP Networking & interworking, IP Routing, IP Basics.
? Programming Basics.
? Advanced WCDMA Optimization, WCDMA RF P7 Optimization, WCDMA L1/L2/L3 protocols.
? WCDMA-Air Interface & Functionality. WCDMA Basics, WCDMA Concepts.

Session Institution Class University/Board %
2006-10 City Engineering college, Bangalore B.E.-ECE VTU 70.66%
2004-06 Vijaya PU college, Bangalore PUC -KSPUB 74.50%
2003-04 St. Joseph’s High school, Bangalore 10th -KSSEB 88.00%

1. Embedded System A six months innovative project entitled as “HANDTALK USING OPTICAL SENSORS FOR DUMB PEOPLE” at Project Gurukul.

Personal Details:
Father’s Name: Mr. Srinivasa.T
Date of Birth:18th August, 1988.
Language Known: English,Hindi,German
Contact No. : +49-2115344144 +919972600166.
Address: #6,4th main road, Nanjappa Block, KG Nagar, Bangalore-560019
Passport : J5691758


I hereby declare that the above mentioned details are true to the best of my Knowledge and belief.

- Rohith S


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