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Name of profession: Software developers Name of latest business sector: Computers and Embedded Systems Latest occupation/title: Software Firmware Engineer Latest main activities: Software Engineer


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Sarmad Edward George Sada
200 Leisure Lane, Apt 32 Stoneham MA USA 02180
Mobile: 617-710-6262 617-870-3883

OBJECTIVE: A contract a direct hiring position in research and analysis in the following fields:
(1) Operating System Software Development & Debugging.
(2) Processor, System engineering or Storage Engineering Software Position.
To utilize my expertise and skills in Software Development and Debugging OS HW-SW interaction layer, storage performance and measurement engineering.


OS Platform Engineer for Cloud, Verizon, Burlington MA Nov 2015- Current
Core cluster programming for the 5G mobility cloud using GoLang and Python for Verizon wireless cloud running over Marathon, DCOS and Chronos components– main duties include:
Moving processes from within the container to the host and vise versa, including the mount points /proc /sys etc.
Coding dockers with some executables to release on VZ cloud.
Coding C, C++ some components in the cloud.
Go Language GoLang coding for many components, around 100+ files.
Coding the deployment scripts of the whole logging pipe components using Bash and Ansible.
Logging pipe (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kafka and Zookeeper) maintenance
Added Elastic Search Curator docker component to the logging pipe.

Application Engineer, Permabit Technologies, Cambridge MA June 2014- Sept 2015
Application Engineering team deals with the Storage Architecture and Features of our products: VDO kernel object and SANBlox(storage computer):
Pemabit Tech is a leader of data efficiency at block level that is data compression and de-duplication at block level storage below file systems.

I was the sole developer from scratch of C# code for Permabit Storage Saving Estimator Tool (SSE) that runs through network disks, and calculates the saving if Permabit kernel drivers are used.
VMWare VAAI works to obtain VMWare certificate for our storage devices, e.g. iSCSI over Qlogic & Emulex HBAs.
Developing Python scripts to synchronize the log files, Bash scripts to collect diagnostics and other system functions, C# and C++ in .net.
Testing the performance and speed of data efficiency algorithms that map the storage at the block device level, below the file systems.
FIO & IOMeter benchmarking for back-end storage racks of the products.

Software Design Engineer, VeriFone Corp. in Rocklin, CA Dec 2011 – April 2014

Worked as a Tier3 OS and SW support engineer, developing in C, bash and some C++ and Assembly code for Verifone’s MX series payment terminals. Responsibilities included:
Packaged and released over twenty packages and / or service packs.
My major success was adding over ten fixes to the USB OTG driver code that was very unstable at hardware and at the operating system level.
Debugging Pay-ware code and transactions carried out between a payment terminals and the cash registers (customer site and at office).
The payment terminals are Linux operated and the cash registers operate in Windows, Linux, QNX and Virtual Machine based cash registers running over VMs.
Got the driver VeriFone USB1.1 Microsoft Certified for Win7 as USB2.0, after changing the modules’ details to achieve the compatibility with the newest USB standards.
Modified the ATM machines security modes in case active of tamper, the unit with my modification is pulling the configuration into SRAM prior to booting Linux, then the ATM machine in the fuel station or the MTA buses in New York City is now running even when tampered without “card transactions”, rather it drives the user to pay in cash only, this is considered a major change in the operating mode.
Most of my work was in debugging and finding the root cause of the problem in a transaction or an application or OS or pay-ware libraries, and either resolving it by s/w or re-assigning the problem to the developers teams.

Graduate Intern – Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, OR July 2011 – Nov 2011
Worked at Intel’s Security Center of Excellence in development and validation of multiple security layers of Intel Architecture. Responsibilities included:
Defining checker rules in OS layer of security through Klocwork tool for static code analysis, based on a customized XML file that a developer creates.
Applied (in C++ STL) the Static Single Assignment SSA Algorithm in mapping the sw branches (in assembly) to detect critical paths that might switch the Intel CPU to the privileged modes.
Worked on the Control / Data graphs of the static single assignment, that led to the proper insertion of the phi-function into the branches in SSA.

Graduate Intern – EMC Corporation in Hopkinton, MA Jan 2011- July 2011
Worked in the VMAX Architecture Group on evaluations and performance measurements of EMC’s high end storage servers based on Intel IA.
Servers worked on: VMAX I, VMAX II and VCE – Symmetrix Business Class SBC.
Executed performance modeling, analysis and benchmarking of servers.
Studied the OS bottlenecks through the output of hyper-threaded benchmarks.
Recommended the best memory allocation mapping through IOMeter and EMC Mark software results.
Debugging and fine tuning the system when the benchmark didn’t meet expectations.
Fine tuning the hyper-threading of Symmetrix Vmax.

Graduate Intern – Intel Corporation in Folsom, CA Jun 2010 – Jan 2011
Worked in Intel UEFI Firmware (C and Assembly code) on writing soft code for the following purposes:
Detection of irregular power sparks in chipsets.
Testing the speed of SATA ports in threadX kernel (black box test).
Mixed processor assembly code & C code for ARC processor to improve firmware performance.
Authored a C written module to test externally the performance of system modules and was adopted by the division to test the new modules on mobile and stationary boards.
Code for RSA encryption in Intel Manageability Engine ME.
Coded a compression method for Intel Firmware.
Measuring the performance of Manageability Engine (ME – Cougar Point and Panther Point).
C-code to detect the performance of wired LAN driver drop on idle machine.

Masters of Science in Computer Engineering, Northeastern University - Boston, MA, May 2009.
Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering, Baghdad University – Baghdad, Iraq, May 2000.

Graduate Courses:
Computer Architecture
Operating System Concepts
Computer Security HW, OS, Compiler
Computer Algorithms
Combinatorial Optimization,
Design for Testability of ICs
FPGA Synthesis and low level algorithms

Academic Projects:
Worked on Multi-threaded benchmarks (PARSEC) as toy programs under a guest of Xen virtual machine
Wrote a Python script to search for SPAM in send/receive email engines in SMTP, IMAP & POP3 servers. Also wrote another Python script to handle Glade user interface.

Master Thesis: Fault Tolerance in X86 CPU
Injected and evaluated effects of faults into a virtual CPU through an open source simulator - PTLSim running on Open XEN Virtual Machine (Hypervisor).
Discovering errors using emulated parity bits.
Handled the errors at the micro architectural level in the guest Operating System Kernel.
Suggested a new mechanism for error handling through adding Monitor Register and the Monitor Bit in the processor at the micro architectural level.

Civics Awards & Honors:

Massachusetts Director of Fulbright Association, 2015-now
Fulbright Scholarship for Master of Science Degree - 2007-09
Graduate Engineering Bridge in Northeastern University: Computer Engineering Representative
Intel Security Conference: Presented and Demonstrated my Klocwork custom checkers on behalf of my SECOE department, Nov 2011
Northeastern University Computer Architecture Group NUCAR member


Languages: C, C++, C#, Assembly, Bash, Batch Files
Software Sub version suites and tools: Git suite, SVN
Analysis and Debugging tools Klocwork and lint static analysis tools.
GDB and Strace, Wireshark for runtime analysis.
USB sniffers and analyzers, network sniffers as hardware debugging tools.
Multi-Processor Benchmark: FIO, IOMeter Benchmark, EMC mark, Parsec.
Environment: Build Root, WinSDK, WinDDK, Visual Studio, Eclipse and USB test suites from
OS: Linux, UNIX, Solaris, MacOS, Windows, ThreadX, and EMC Symmetrix.
Processors: IA64, X86, ARM, ARC.
Software to debug: OS, drivers in Windows / Linux, Libraries, Communication software (USB, Serial, and Network communication problems), system level debugging, pay-ware and finance software debugging.
Spoken languages include English, German, Arabic and Aramaic.


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