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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Energy Latest occupation/title: Siemens AG/ Senior Buyer Latest main activities: Procurement


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: MBA Specialisation: Procurement Additional trainings:

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Nürnberg 2. Preferred country | region / city: Czech Republic | Prag 3. Preferred country | region / city: France | Paris

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1. Language skills: german => excellent 2. Language skills: english => excellent 3. Language skills: =>

Personal note /detailed application:

Personal Information
• Marital Status:Single
• Nationality:T.C.
• Date of Birth\Place:16/02/1980\?stanbul
Military Service Completed (17.09.2005)
Foreign Languages German--Good
Driving Licence (B class)—1998
Education 2003-2007 Yeditepe University ?stanbul
Master of Business Administration(German)
• Thesis(Supply Chain Management and an application from the heat sector Viessmann GmbH)
Internet Link for thesis:
1997-2002 Uluda? University Bursa
Faculty of Engineering-Mechanical Engineering
1991-1997 Anatolian High School Çanakkale
Experience 1) Siemens AG(01.01.2012-…) Procurement Manager Region(Asian&Pasific) / Senior Buyer
Sector Energy( E T TS Project Purchasing)-ERLANGEN (Delegation 3 years)
* Supplier Management E T TS Headquarter and support all regions worldwide
* Methods&Processes( FPL-SQ)
* Organising trainings for regions about the HQ processes( Supplier Qualification- FPL-Supplier Development-C4S Portal)
* Guide, coach and support Procurement Managers from Division/BU locations in the country(Thailand-Indonesia-Australia) to synchronize sourcing strategies for key material segments in line with HQ strategies.

* Coordinate Division/BU programs in the Region, initiate improvement activities to achieve continous development
* Drive process standardization, provide information, facilitate and ensure transfer of methods and tools to ensure realization within the assigned countries and represent Regional Division/BU Procurement interests in HQ.
* Drive savings for Procurement, improving the Procurement process and contribute to improved costs and synergies of country Procurement organizations together with the responsible Procurement Management in the region to meet divisional targets and for maximum contribution to operating profit, relevant Procurement targets and Division/BU targets.
* Ensure reporting and controlling of defined information and figures to create transparency in Procurement activities.
* Attending world class purchasing assessment as Co-Assessor for related regions(Thailand-Indonesia)
* Working at “Energy Simplify SCM Project” as E T Division representative
* Commodity Manager(SF6 Gas, Busbars & Conductors)
2) Siemens A.?.(01.10.2007-30.12.2011)—Commodity Manager (Plastics)
Sector Industry (I IA LV/CE Factory)-ISTANBUL
* Strategical Purchasing of Termo/Duro Plastic Raw materials, parts and tools
* Responsible for supplier selection for materials in his responsibility area
* Deal with the supplier evaluation in cross-functional groups
* Execute purchasing negotiations for materials in the given responsibility area
* Fulfill contract management in the given responsibility area
* Responsible for procurement risk management in the given responsibility area
* Work on supplier development projects, such as quality audits, QAA preparations etc.
* Purchasing master data creating and update in SAP
* Contribute to net income from materials through purchasing savings
3) Viessmann A.?.( 24.01.06 / 28.09.2007) (ISTANBUL)
Technical Purchasing Responsible
--Responsible of purchasing activities of non Viessmann Products(Grundfos Pumps-Baltur,Weishaupt,Saacke Burners)
-- SAP order management, organizing deliveries from suppliers, logistic activities
-- Support sales engineers to select products for turn key projects.
4) Koluman-Mercedes-Benz Motorlu Araçlar A.? (03.2004 \ 01.2005)(ISTANBUL)
Officiall distributor of Daimler AG
Sales Engineer
Current Customer Fleet Consulting
– Preparing offers to public adjucations.
– Finding new customers and getting into direct communication with the new customers

Attended Courses/Trainings
• Best Practice Sharing at Siemens China (01.04.2011-29.04.2011)
(Siemens Suzhou/China)
Siemens China Global Procurement Processes- Supplier Visits
• Commodity Management(Siemens Academy/ Nürnberg Hilton Hotel)
Siemens Process House, Definining Procurement Strategies,
Total Cost of Ownership, Supplier Choosing Methods(22.09.08 / 24.09.2008)
• Purchasing Processes at Siemens Regensburg (Siemens Regensburg Global Procurement)
Siemens Regensburg Global Procurement - Common Working
(07.09.2008 / 19.09.2008)
• ANC(Advanced Negotation Concept) -2008( 3 days)
Siemens Academy /Nürnberg Hilton Hotel
Negotation Methods, Gathering Offers, E-RFQ, E-Auction, E-Bidding
• Viessmann Purchasing Processes(Allendorf/GERMANY)
1 week(2006)
• Intensive German Language Course 2003 (5 Months) Heidelberg/GERMANY Schiller International University Collegium Palatinum Sprachkurs (

Club\Assocation Membership
BJK-Be?ikta? Sport Club
Basic Computer Skills Microsoft OFF?CE,Windows XP-7-8-Outlook-SAP-Catia-IDEAS
Practice Kayalar ?n?aat A.?-----?stanbul(2004)-2 months
Denizler Otomotiv------Bursa(2002)-1 month
Bores Bozcaada------Bozcaada(2001) – 1 month
Çanakkale Seramik-------Çanakkale(2000) – 3 months


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