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Civil engineers

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Civil engineers Name of latest business sector: eskan organisation Latest occupation/title: structural designer Latest main activities: tutor


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: civil engineering Specialisation: structural engineering Additional trainings: tutor

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | 2. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | 3. Preferred country | region / city: Spain |

Language skills:

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Personal note /detailed application:

Education and Achievements

• / 2005 – 2010 /; Awarded a degree of Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Damascus
• Representing Graduating project of “ Culture Center of Homs“
• Supervised by Prof. MHD. Ahmad Al-Samara.
• With an excellent grade of 95% achieved.

• / 2005 – 2010 /; Accomplished the empirical study towards the Master's degree in Seismic Construction Engineering at the: High Institute of Earthquake Studies & Research (HIESR), Damascus University.

• /December 2012-Present/; Attending The Master Thesis with a Topic tilted:
“ Seismic behavior and failure modes of RC frame joints strengthened by Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) “ ; Supervised by Dr Mustafa Batikha.

Specialized Training courses

/Summer 2012/, Higher Institute for Earthquake Studies and Research, Damascus University.

• ABAQUS 6.11, software application for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering, originally released.

/winter 2011/, SBS Computer Training Center, Damascus.

• Steel Frames & Braces Design, course for designing steel Systems with long span comparing with the AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction and British Structural Steel Design (BS Code).
• Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis, presents systematic procedures for geometric and material nonlinear structural analysis, to introduce and encourage the use of advanced nonlinear analysis software and to explore the significance of common nonlinear phenomena, particularly in relation to the structural response under extreme events.

/Summer 2009/, completed a summer courses from the development center in the Syrian
Engineers Syndicate, Damascus branch.

• ETABS course for normal and seismic loads structural analysis by Eng. Ayman Hafez, (effortful experience through dealing with linear and non-linear analyzing methods and isolation modeling).
• SAFE course for normal and seismic loads structural analysis.
• PROKON course for analysis and design typical structural and geotechnical elements modules for both concrete and steel constructions.
• SAP2000 course for general structures, including bridges, stadium, towers, industrial plants, offshore structures, soils, machine, and many others.

Other skills

• Advanced proficiency with AutoCAD modeling.
• Consistently demonstrates creativity in output structural modeling.
• High speed attitude with drawing due to previous (Shop Drawing) experience.
• Advanced in layout modeling and printing skills.

Microsoft Office:
• Accomplished an ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Certification.
• Advanced programming skills in Excel.

Internet & Networking:
• Advanced mastery in surfing the Internet as a research tool as part of Master’s Thesis process.
• Qualified skills in order to get specific results and valuable references.

Languages skills

• Arabic; Native.
• English; Fluent.
• German; Intermediate.

English language proficiency

• Fluent in reading and writing.
• Achieved a high level at ALC (American Language Center).
• Preparing for ILETS (International English Language Testing System).
• Translated Syrian Standards and Specifications for Construction Design Code with assistance of Prof. MHD. Ahmad Samara.

Work and Employment History

• /Winter 2012-present/; Giving an advanced private tutorials for the following civil engineering basic concepts:
• Structural Analysis.
• Reinforced Concrete Design.

• /Winter 2011-present/; working at ESKAN Organization in charge of undertaking the complete Structural Studies and Shop Drawings, modeling and detailing of Youth and Diplomatic project Compounds in all Syrian provinces with accomplishments of:
• Symmetrical communities (400 m2) in Damascus audited by Eng. Emad Darwish.
• Two projects (500 m2) in Latakia and Hasaka audited by Eng. Emad Darwish.

• /Summer 2011/; Three months training as part of implementation team at:
• ELAF School execution at Dummar-I26, Damascus.

• /March 2011/; Participated in an architectural competition for stadium modeling at Al Muhafaza Court, Kafarsouseh, Damascus as a structural designer.

• /February 2010-August 2010/; member of Engineering Department teamwork as Structural Designer and Detailing Engineer.
• Medical Governmental Project of composite system manner (8000 m2), Der Attyieh.

• /Summer 2009 /; Two months training as part of implementation team at:
• Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts execution at Kafarsouseh, Damasccus.

Activities acomplishments

• Participated in CMT-Messe (International Exhibition for Caravanning, Motoring, Tourism) which took place in Germany-Stuttgart as Presenter member of Syria Participation Section.
• Associating with The Syria Trust for Development-SHABAB.
• Volunteer charities member helping the Syrian emigrants through current conflict situation in Syria.


Keeping up with the latest Technological improvements, networking and link diving.
Introducing different cultures.
Football, watching and practicing.
Writing many pre-published essays.
Languages & translating field.


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