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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: 3th Iranian Mobile operator (RighTel ,3G) Latest occupation/title: Microwave transmission Planner Latest main activities: Planning Transmission Network via Microwave & Optical


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Telecommunication engineering Specialisation: Transmission & RF Microwave (Telecommunication) Additional trainings: Radio Microwave, optical transmission, MPLS

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1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Munich 2. Preferred country | region / city: Netherlands | Amsterdam 3. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | London

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Personal note /detailed application:

Over 9 years of experience in IT/Telecom. Combination of engineering Experience and Managing background with strong communication, highly motivated, open minded and business results oriented. Always researching new technologies and innovative strategies, Familiar with ITIL & ITSM & eTOM Management,

-Solid Background in Transmission: Radio Microwave Transmission Planning (TDM & IP Ethernet L2/L3 Transmission),
Transmission on Optical Transmission (SDH OSN3500 & DWDM, OTN like Huawei OSN6800) & V-SAT Solution (Data Satellite communication).
-Detail planning in 3G network, Microwave IP Transport (MPLS,VPLS, VLAN Tagging, 8 class of QoS)
-Depth Experience in Cellular GSM and 3G, 4G Networks with all release 3GPP & LTE Advanced
-Work with Path Loss 4 & Aircom Connect 6 & Mentum Ellipse 8.2 Transmission Planning Software.
-Experience & Knowledge in IMS (IP Multimedia subsystem Technology)
-IP/MPLS Transmission network (Simulate MPLS Network & Wireless Network (3G UMTS & Wimax) via OPNET SP Guru Network Planner)
-Team Leader and manage, observed HR’s (rotation among team members Engineers)
-Operating System- Unix/ Linux-Windows server & Java Programing language.

Self-Researching & University Thesis
•Research & University Thesis in GPON & WDM-PON Technology, FTTx family Specially on OLT & ONU Activation Procedure with My University Professor (Mr.H.R.Akhavan)
•Researching about Hybrid junction on couplers & waveguides Microwave
•Research & university Class in Fabrication Optical fiber & Optical Splitter with (Dr.F.E.Seraji)
•Research in IMS (IP Multimedia subsystem Technology) in Fava Pars co.

Microwave Transmission Network Planner at RighTel 3G Mobile Operator Company (
October 2012 – Present (7 months)Tehran,Iran

Preparing MW-transmission nominal plan including Frequency planning, TSS & LOS
Scheduling and supervision; Vendor & subcontractor management and define priorities to them for different cities.
(Software: PathLoss V4.0, Aircom connect V.6.2, Mentum Ellipse V.8.2)
- Preparing Acceptance test & performance test procedure template and guidelines.
- Define practical strategy to overcome shortages and limitations due to lack of frequency
Resources where it was expectation of Max throughputs for HSPA+ over dense areas,
- Define practical solutions for cost saving purposes in MW Backhaul network.
- Participation in technical RFP preparation due to desired full Ethernet transmission
- Participation in Infrastructure design and strategy for transmission of HSPA+ services.
- Technical evaluation for different technical proposals by NEC (Neo & iPasso), Huawei (RTN), Ericsson (MiniLink), ZTE and Samsung, Dragonwave, Intracom, Comba, SAF, Nera (Expand IP+)
- Participation in technical “RFQ” evaluation
- Analysis of different proposals and recommendations about Transmission - MW solution and Operational setup for transmission network due to Actual resources,

Transmission Network Planner
Fava Pars company & ITRC co (Full & Part Time)
September 2011 – October 2012 (1 year 2 months)Tehran, Iran

Work in Fava Pars: Transmission on IMS Network (Working on TCI & TIC Backbone IMS & MPLS Project)
Consultant & Work on TIC & TCI & TC province (TC arak,tc Gilan),for IMS Network & Access aggregation Project, investigate Data & Transmission Part in Vendor solutions & Finalized RFP & BoQ (LOM & LOP).
(Simulate Wireless Network (3G UMTS & Wimax & WiFi) via OPNET SP Guru Network Planner)

Checking hardware and software Vendors According to Applications of MMtel & RCS Services,

work with Dr.Arezoomand in ITRC company : ( Radio network planning (Microwave Transmission & Cellular network 2G, 2.5G & 3G), NW Performance Optimization especially in NEC / Huawei / NSN equipment’s. experience in ITRC laboratory Microwave on NEC (PASOLINK NEO) / Huawei (RTN950)/ NSN (FlexiPacket) equipment’s) & Designed links & Link Budget with some tools such as “Path Loss” Microwave Planning Software, Aircom Enterprise Software “Connect 5.0” Microwave Planning Software.

Huawei Technology
2G 3G Radio Transmission Engineer & Planner (Full Time)
Huawei Technology
October 2010 – September 2011 (1 year)Tehran,Iran

Microwave Transmission planning in Mobile telecommunication networks backhaul & Backbone (2G, 3G UMTS), Design microwave links for 3th operator RighTel Project (3G license in Iran)

-Detail end to end 3G mobile network transmission planning, audit and optimization.
-Design According the RFQ; adjust the Metro, Hub and Cell sites number percentage. Based on discussion with RighTel (Microwave Department),
-Huawei Device model RTN-950 hybrid radio.
-Designed links & Link Budget with some tools such as “Path Loss” Microwave Planning Software, Aircom Enterprise Software “Connect 5.0” Microwave Planning Software, “MapInfo 8.5” Software

Service level manager & V-SAT Engineer (Full Time)
Pars Online
July 2009 – October 2010 (1 year 4 months)Iran

Follow Project & Planning and Determine SL (Service level) SLA Management encompasses
The SLA contract definition; basic schema with the QoS (quality of service) parameters,
SLA negotiation, SLA monitoring, and SLA enforcement-according to defined policies,
-Manage the Link monitoring & Fallow Trouble-shooting & Solving Problem at moment as V-SAT Engineer & Software of (iDirect, iMonitor & iBuilder, Cacti & radio monitoring software).
-experiences in on-air new carrier for TDM/TDMA & Create new HUB & Remotes with specify QoS
-Manage the transmission SLA with managed service &Managing OPEX cost.
-V-SAT Training on NDsatcom and General V-SAT Technology by Mr.Mohammadi.
-Work on VPN Project and start Irancell v-sat project on Memotec equipment.
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ZTE Corporation
Transmission Engineer (Full Time)
ZTE Corporation
September 2006 – July 2009 (2 years 11 months)Tehran,Iran

Optical Transmission
SDH-WDM Transmission Engineer (FTTc & Optical Access Network) Khorasan & Esfahan Optical Access Project, Preparation of tender documents (RFQ, RFI, RFP), proposals and checking LOM & LOP and Vendor Solution, Access equipment (ZXA10-OLT & ONU)
-Supervised on technical documents preparation (SSR, TSS, rack configuration layout, link planning) -Planning, Implement & Integrate configuration Optical links of Khorasan Razavi SDH equipment (ZXSM10G and ZXSM600), DWDM equipment (ZXWM10G),
-Commissioning the new equipment and Cut-over process
-Product training for client (more than 700 hours)
Radio Transmission
Radio & Microwave Engineer (Khorasan Razavi GSM Project)
-Leading a team of 10 transmission Engineer and 10 LOS technicians
-Frequency planning, C/I and link budget analysis and Ater, Abis link planning with PDH SRAL, SDH SRA and SRT1F NEC PASOLINK.
-Documentation for a new site Implementation and Approved Change Request process (LOS reports, Integration forms, SSR Evaluation, TSS confirmation)
-Fine Supervision on Radio Access equipment Implementation (installation and integration)
-Documentation for a new site Implementation and Approved Change Request process (LOS reports, Integration forms, SSR Evaluation, TSS confirmation), Fine Supervision on Radio Access equipment

ZTE Corporation
PSTN Circuit Switching Network Engineer
ZTE Corporation
August 2004 – September 2006 (2 years 2 months)Tehran,Iran

-Install Software as we need for Commissioning & Configure Devices (Linux and Unix based for billing server on (HP rack Mount server), install and maintenance & support & repair Billing & NMS software, some server install Win 2000 & Win 2003 and install and repair SQL 2000) and also install NMS System and implement software then configure below network Projects,
-Azerbaijan 200K trunk Project
-Khorasan 220K PSTN Circuit Switch Network Project
-Khuzestan 170K PSTN Circuit Switch Network Project
-Experience working on ZTE (ZXJ10) PSTN Circuit Switch Network equipment (Planning, Integrations, Dimension rule, Commissioning and so many Cutover Planning and implementation)
-Experience of working with NGN technology (Soft switch) in ZTE Pilot Project,
-Experience of working on Mobile Core Network CS (including 2G MSC/MGW/HLR)
-Design, calculate and configure Billing & Charging System According to Mobile Zone and Country.
-Depth technical experience within: Routing & Switching, CCS7, VOIP, Broadband. Signalling CCS7 (No.7) STP, sampling Voice & channelized Trunks E1, PCM, Calculate Erlong
-Experience of working on the Mobile and Fix core network (2.5G MGW, NGN, IP Transport)
-Product training for client (more than 1500 hours)

OMC & Front Office Engineer (PSTN Circuit Switch Network)
Telecommunication Company of Iran
December 2003 – October 2004 (11 months)

Experience in Trouble-shooting & Solving Problem at moment as OMC Engineer for Switch equipment & Software of (EWSD - Siemens, Sigma - NEC, ZXJ10 – ZTE, C&C08-Huawei Fix Switch)
Operation & Maintenance experience for the core nodes (HLR/STP/FNR/MSC-S/MGW/APG)
Experience in Signalling CSS7 trouble-shooting skills,
Work in shifts and on-call (with rotation among team members)

Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic
Master's degree, Telecommunications Engineering

Ghiasodin Jamshid Kashani University of Science & Technology
BA, Telecommunication Engineering

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Birthday January 22, 1983
Marital Status Single


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