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Industrial and production engineers

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Name of profession: Industrial and production engineers Name of latest business sector: Siemens Latest occupation/title: Process engineer Latest main activities: Process design, troubleshooting, tooling set-up, process improvement


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Science Specialisation: Detection Technology and Automation Devices Additional trainings:

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May 2011-Now Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.
Company profile:Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd. (SSMR) is an enterprise with 100% investment of Siemens AG, which was established on July 01, 2002. Together with the headquarter in Erlangen, SSMR in Shenzhen has the full system responsibility dedicated to one standard: Siemens Quality.With an annual output of 400 sets of MRI system, accounting for 40% of the total MRI output of Siemens.
Title: L280 liquefier project manager
Project Description: The liquid helium cost accounts for 15% of the total cost of MRI system. This is a key project in response to the global shortage of liquid helium resource and sharply rising price, with a total investment of RMB 40 million Yuan. This project eventually achieves helium recovery rate of 90% so that the consumption of liquid helium for a single MRI system is reduced by 50%, with the annual cost saving of RMB 150,000,000 Yuan (about 18 million euros) in total.
Work content:
1.Developed and tracked the project plans, coordinated the work of various departments and immediately solved the problems of the project so as to ultimately realize timely operation of the whole system.
2.Preparation of equipment technical parameters, selection and procurement, including the low-pressure recovery system, high-pressure compressor, high-pressure gas storage system, purification system and liquefaction system.
3.The design of the project layout.
4.Design of helium recovery and liquefaction process.
5.Design of Siemens liquid helium storage system, which can store 100,000L of liquid helium, thus avoiding production delay caused by the shortage of liquid helium.
6.Design of PID under cooperation with Linde company, and analysis of the entire design in HAZOP method in order to achieve safe and efficient operation of the entire project.
7.Development of project installation plan and supervision of the implementation of the plan.
8.Setting of KPI (Key Performance Indicator).
9.Involved in 2-year business negotiation with Linde Company (The Linde Group) and responsible for the technical support for the entire process.

Feb 2008-Now Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.
Title: Superconducting magnet precool and test process engineer
Work content:
1.Developed three types of superconducting magnet precool and test processes and prepared process flow chart, process production instructions and build log base on FMEA analysis method and completed qualification process of such three types of superconducting magnet.
2.Cooperated with the R & D Department in the introduction of new products and new design.
3.Process optimization. Completion of optimization through the analysis and study of superconducting magnet precool process so that each magnet can save 151L liquid helium, with a total cost savings of RMB 16 million Yuan (about 1.9 million euros), which contributed a lot to the company in response to the global shortage of liquid helium resources. This project received innovation awards of the company.
4.In light of the test failure of 14 superconducting magnets in 2011, I had participated in the weekly meetings with my coworkers and colleagues from Siemens magnetic technology(UK) since February 2012 for in-depth analysis and discussion of the reasons for the failure and the appropriate measures had been taken. Ultimately, in everyone's efforts superconducting magnet yield rate was increased from 95% in 2011 to 100% in 2012, which won the Company's annual team award.
5.Change and maintenance of production process documents
6.Design of production tooling of superconducting magnet precool and test process
7.Planning of production area layout
8.Provision of technical support for problems in the production process.
9.Participated in audit of the suppliers.
10.Developed safety training for all recruits as the Company’s superconducting magnet safety trainer so that they will establish the correct safety awareness.


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