Xuejun from China applies for Blue Card Germany

Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified

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Name of profession: Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: Energy Management System Latest occupation/title: senior technical consultant-SCADA Latest main activities: presale technical support


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Specialisation: Additional trainings:

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Personal note /detailed application:

Work Experience: > 7 years

2012/01—present: Work for Schneider Electric
Duty: Senior Technical Consultant - SCADA
Responsibilities: EMS(Energy Management System) design; Tender; Site survey; Site commissioning;
1.Site commissioning for District Heating EMS of Jinzhong city in Shanxi province;
2.Tender for District Heating EMS of Taiyuan city in Shanxi province;
3.Tender for District Heating EMS of Jinan city in Shandong province;
4.Tender for District Heating EMS of Tianjin city;
5.Tender for Jiuquan Steel EMS in Gansu province

2007/03—2011/12?Work for MOX Automation
Duty: Project Engineer
Responsibilities: the PLC programming, SCADA and EMS system development and site commissioning
Tools Used: Citect SCADA,MOX Graph, Contrologix, Concept,C++,C#,Oracle

1.Automation system of Jinfeng Gold Mine in Guizhou Province, responsible for SCADA system commissioning;

2.Fuel system of Capital Airport Service Depot in Beijing, responsible for simulation system development;

3.Fuel system of Capital Airport Transfer Depot in Beijing, responsible for PLC(AB) program development and simulation system development;

4.Fuel system of New Baiyun Airport Service Depot in Guangzhou city, responsible for PLC(Schneider) program development and SCADA system development;
About 3000 points used in each above project;

5.Energy Management System of Xiangtan Steel in Xiangtan city, responsible for development of interface between SCADA and Oracle, using API function of SCADA and Oracle OCCI technology by C++, based on Unix and Windows platform;
About 50000 Points used in project;

6.Energy Management System of Changde Cigarette Factory in Changde city, responsible for PLC program development, SCADA system development, EMS platform development and Oracle database development;
About 15000 points used in project;

2005/07--2007/02?Work for OUDA Automation
Duty: Automation System Engineer
Responsibilities: According to the scheme and technology of project, configure the automation system, program the PLC ,IPC, TouchPanel, and carry out site commissioning; Compile the user manual and train the maintenance personnel;


Projects completed all by myself:
1. Single Stand Rolling Mill of Dajiang Metal Material in Jiangsu Province

2. Double Stands Rolling Mill(2 projects) of Dajiang Metal Material in Jiangsu Province

3. Single Stand Rolling Mill of Rongshun Industry in Guangdong Province

4. Single Stand Rolling Mill of Jiuzhou Steel in Shandong Province

5. Five Stands Rolling Mill of Zhongyuan Pipe in Jiangsu Province

6. Anneal furnace and temper mill of Shanghai Steel in Shanghai

7. Copper cable shield line of Weiye Electromechanical Equipment in Shanghai

Projects partly participated in:
1. Cold rolling mill of Feng Steel in Shanghai;

2. Cold rolling mill of Dagang Steel in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province;

3. Two stands cold rolling mill of Sanying Steel in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province;

4. Temper mill of Dingsheng aluminium in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu province;

Practice At School
2004/08--2004/11?Monitor and control system of Xibakou, Huwa, Hexiang Dam on Huai river in Anhui province
2004/05--2004/05?Waste paper recycle system of Xinhua printer in Hefei City
2003/09--2004/03?Monitor and control system of burning-gas limekiln of Hefei Steel in Anhui province

2002/09--2005/04 Hefei University of Technology Control Theory and Engineering Master
1998/09--2002/07 Hefei University of Technology Industrial Automation Bachelor

Self Assessment
Proficient in SCADA and DCS/PLC system design and programming.
Experienced with Energy Management Information System development
Experienced with Oracle database design and programming
Experienced with C++,C#,JAVA programming
Familiar with SQLSERVER database
Be hardworking, responsible, and with team spirit.



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