Vir Varinder from India applies for Blue Card Germany

Electronics engineers

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Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Specialisation: System-on-Chip Design Additional trainings:

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To create value for the organization where I work and concurrently utilize and build
upon my Engineering Skills and knowledge.

Industrial Experience
Cypress Semiconductor Technology India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India
Designation : Applications Engineer
Duration : 1 Year
Responsibilities : Analyze and resolve Cypress’ USB and Wireless products related customer project problems; build and test demo projects; write and test application notes; Working effectively with internal (design, product, test, assembly, and field application engineers, and software developers) teams.

Kisel Microelectronics AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Designation : Master’s Degree Thesis Worker
Duration : 6 Months
Responsibilities : Designing a high efficiency DC-DC converter in 65 nm CMOS.

Pragyaware Informatics (P) Ltd, Ludhiana, India
Designation : Vice President Marketing
Duration : 1 Year
Responsibilities : Direct the company marketing function to identify and develop new customers for products and services; Distributor relationship building and support-Build healthy relationships with key distributors; Ensure proper and timely dissemination of information to the field force; Facilitate long and short term marketing strategic planning; Ensure sales growth by constantly monitoring and improving existing products and facilitating launch of new products; Brand building initiatives; Manage marketing initiatives and promos etc;

Academic Credentials
Master of Science (Electrical Engineering)
Specialization : System-on-Chip Design
University : Linköping University, Sweden.

Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in VLSI Design
Institute : VEDANT Centre, Semiconductor Laboratory, Department of Space, Govt. of India.
Percentage : 87.8% marks

Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communication Engg.)
University : Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, India
Percentage : 85.27% marks

Areas of Interest
Analog IC Design, Mixed Signal IC Design, Low Power Design, RF IC and RF System Design
Technical Skills

Cadence’s Virtuoso Schematic Composer, Virtuoso Layout Editor, Spectre ADE,Assura
SpectreRF (Full Custom flow through high-level modelling, transistor-level simulation, layout, DRC, LVS, QRC Extraction and GDSII file generation), Agilent’s ADS, Mentor’s DFTAdvisor, Flextest, Matlab

SKILL, Verilog-A, Verilog HDL, VHDL, C

Master Thesis Brief
An Integrated High Efficiency DC-DC Converter in 65 nm CMOS for RF/Analog modules.
Location : Kisel Microelectronics AB, Stockholm, Sweden
A buck converter with stringent requirements on efficiency, output voltage ripple and load/line variations was implemented starting from the system level specifications. This work encompasses working on Continuous Voltage/Current Comparators, OTAs, Loop Compensation Networks, Current Sensing Circuits, Output Filter design, Dual-Mode Control in the PFM/PWM modes, Scalable Oscillator, Bandgap Reference, Linear Voltage Regulator and control digital blocks’ design.
Report Link :

1st Order Delta Sigma Modulator with 3 bit Quantizer
Team Size : 5 Location : Linköping University, Sweden
Starting from given specifications, tapeout of the Full custom post-layout simulated chip was done in 0.35 ?m technology. Throughout the design process, stress was given on reducing the power consumption and maximizing ENOB. Apart from working among other 4 team members according to LIPS model in each phase, I was responsible for Gain Enhanced Current Mirror OTA Block.

RF Transceiver for QPSK
Team Size : 2 Location : Linköping University, Sweden
System level design of TDD type RF Transceiver was done for signals with QPSK with raised cosine shaping modulation. Both Rx and Tx were using Zero-IF architectures.

Mixed Signal Processing System
Team Size : 5 Location : Linköping University, Sweden
The system was implemented in form of a chain of analog and digital components which converted digital signals to analog in one part and analog to digital signals in the other. Digital to analog chain contained components- interpolator, DAC and reconstruction filter. Analog to digital chain contained components - anti-aliasing filter, pipelined ADC and decimator.

Development of Firmware for Period Measurement and Hardware Testing of an Embedded System
Location : Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory, India
Firmware was developed, for Cygnal’s C8051F320 SoC based Target Boards, which incorporates feature of USB communication with the PC HOST for real time Data Acquisition. Being developed in form of a library file, it finds its use as an enhancement in various other existing projects also. Key features of the project are:
· Period Measurement of Input signals
· Hardware Testing of an Embedded System

Industrial Training
At India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)’s Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory in Embedded Systems Division
Apart from learning various topics relating to Embedded Systems, Data Acquisition Systems and Testing Embedded Systems, also did a project named “Development of Firmware for Period Measurement and Hardware Testing of an Embedded System”

At BSNL CDOT MBM-XL Telephone Exchange
Communication Equipment handling and maintenance, Monitoring RSUs & Sub-Exchanges were my main responsibilities during the training.

PSoC Mixed Signal Array Associate Certification


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