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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Ecolite Latest occupation/title: Internship Latest main activities: Measurement of heat exchanger cells and comparison with FEM software


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Diplome Mechanical Engineer Specialisation: Aero and Thermodynamics Additional trainings:

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Up to now I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Federal University of Rio Grande do\r\nSul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. I began my studies in august 2006 and since then, I developed a\r\nprofound interest in mechanic fluids, especially in questions concerning aerodynamics. My\r\npreferred subjects during my studies were computational fluid dynamics, thermodynamics,\r\nfluid mechanics and differential equations.\r\nFrom March to June 2011 I worked in the laboratory for research in the field of fluid\r\nmechanics LMF at my University where I mostly learned how to use programs for\r\nnumerical solutions (ANSYS) and my job was to research turbulent phenomenons and\r\nsearch computational answers on the development of fluid inside a tube with a square\r\nprofile. There I also gained experience in planning, implementation and evaluation of flow experiments.\r\nIn July 2011, I began to work as a student research assistant at the Center of Super\r\nComputers (CESUP) at my University. I helped everyone at University who needed simulations based on ANSYS and Solidworks.\r\nIn January 2012 I started giving introductory lessons at university how to use ANSYS\r\nICEM, CFX and constantly amplified my knowledge on my own by researching about the\r\nsoftware.\r\nBesides working at CESUP, I did an internship at ECOLITE company and did basically all\r\nsimulations the engineers needed concerning heating systems to improve and optimize\r\nheatsinks for LEDs and further gained deeper knowledge in the experimental work in the field of thermodynamics.\r\nIn my Bachelor Thesis, whose title is “Contribution of Variable Viscosity between Domains\r\nfor the Generation and Propagation of Turbulence” I researched about the effects of the\r\natomic vibration in solids (phonons) and the contribuition uppon the fluid justifying then a\r\nlocal variation of the viscosity parameter in the Navier-Stokes and Helmoltz equations to\r\nget analytical and graphical solutions of turbulence that were not able to be found in\r\nnumerical based software. \r\nWithin all this work and University I know how to use the following software: ANSYS (CFX, ICEM, Structural and Fluent), Solidworks, Maple, Comsol and Autocad.\r\nThus, I am not only interested in resolving mechanical problems but further am deeply\r\nfascinated by researching and broadening my knowledge. This is why I am highly motivated to work in a dynamic and dedicated team.\r\n


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