Shivang from India applies for Blue Card Germany

Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Automotive Latest occupation/title: Embedded software engineer Latest main activities: MATLAB application developer on AUTOSAR platform


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Electronic Engineer Specialisation: Advanced Embedded system Additional trainings:

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Respected Sir/Ma’am,
I have Professional experience on ARM controllers for device driver coding for peripheral( Memory, Communication (I2C,SPI,UART), LCD) and also worked with Autosar architecture on MATLAB platform for Volks-wagen car functionality. Currently submitted one technical document on AUTOSAR application layer, which is under approval of change management team in AUTOSAR forum.
In college in final year Advanced Embedded system as elective subject got knowledge RTOS, Micro-Controller internal architecture (Cache, instruction pipeline, branch prediction logic) knowledge.


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