Ashim Bakhas from INDIA applies for Blue Card Germany

Telecommunications engineers

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Alcatel-Lucent India Ltd. Latest occupation/title: Senior Radio Network Optimzation & Planning Engineer Latest main activities: Optimization of 2G, 3G network as well as Log file analysis of LTE


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Engineering Specialisation: Electronics Additional trainings: LTE, HSDPA

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | 2. Preferred country | region / city: Romania | 3. Preferred country | region / city: France |

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: Hindi => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

Hello Dear Recruiter ,

I have more than 6 year of Radio Frequency (RF) Optimization and Planning Experience. I have both 2G, 3G & LTE Experience. I have already worked on EU Telecommunication Network (Both Sunrise & Orange, Switzerland). So I know all regulation for NIS. Kindly consider me for the Job. Kindly find tool Knowledge I have.

1. Ericssion WNCS/ OSS RC for Missing RL Event, Neighbor planning
2. Net act / global reporter or OSS 5.1,4.2 ,Reporting suite For ND Report .
3. Eyespot & DPI for all Network Report generation.
4. Citrix for remote tool access.
5. NIM for Site Database / NIS Permitted value Check.
6. Optal Tool , which has all type of reporting, map & Adjacency editor
7. Reflection &NSN mml command for Alarm and Parameter Checking.
8. Goggle Earth for Site Planning and Optimization.
9. Schema for Frequency & Neighbor Planning.
10. Remedy For New Ticket generation/ Closure.
11. SQL query for hourly or raw report also SQL query in DPI map to know HO Statistics and many more.
12. Map Info Tool 7.0 , 8.0, 9.5.
13. MCMS for parameter tuning.(Mobile Configuration Management System)
14. MCOM & MIPT & Atoll Tool for Frequency Planning & Interference.
15. Genex Assistance For Data Processing.
16. Gladiator, E-DAT & Actix for Data Processing.
17. Genex Probe 1.5 for 2G & 3G Drive Test
18. RL Tool, Global Mapper for LOS Checking & Transmission.
19. TEMS Investigation Drive Test Tools (5.1,6.1 & 8.02)


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