Rouhollah from IRAN applies for Blue Card Germany

Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Oil and Energy Latest occupation/title: Instrumentation and Control engineer Latest main activities: Supervisor of installation and Commissioning of Fire alarm and Firefighting system


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Instrumentation and Control Engineer Specialisation: Technical Safety Engineer Additional trainings: Training of :DCS Yokogawa (CS3000-R3),Safety PLC of Yokogawa (Prosafe-Rs),Safety PLC of HIMA ,SIEMENS PLCs S7-300/400,WinCC,Fire alarm and Firefighting system of MINIMX (Co2,Foam,Water Spray) ,Instrumentation ,Firber Optic Fusion, Minimax and MSA an

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1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Hamburg 2. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | London 3. Preferred country | region / city: Spain | Madrid

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1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: Persian => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

I have studied electronic engineering and I was hired by National Iranian Oil Company , I passed about 9 months common course of engineering such as mechanical, electrical ,chemical , process, safety, instrumentation,analyzer ,control ,piping ,... and about 4 months specific course of instrumentation and control , after that I passed on job training and then started working in filed then I switched to control system department and I passed some training courses regarding Siemens PLC S5,S7300/400HF,Profibus-DP, Ethernet Industrial network and then I started working and maintenance of packages with Siemens PLC controlerl like : air compressor,nitrogen ,potable water ,boiler packages , I also started working with Delta-V which was DCS of gas plant and HIMA PLC for ESD/F&G in phase 1 for about 3 years (south pars gas company in Iran ) then I passed training course of Prosafe-RS of Yokogawa (ESD/F&G PLC of Yokogawa ) and training course for CS3000-R3 of Yokogawa for DCS to go in phase 6,7,8 of Gas refinery as system control engineer (south pars gas company in Iran phase6,7,8) and I worked about 2 years

After about 5 years I quit my job and I jointed to the international company in the field of Fire alarm and Firefighting which is Minimax (which is German company) I passed some training course in Germany and Emirate country and I passed training at site then I started the supervisory of installation and commissioning of fir alarm and firefighting systems in Iran & Iraq .

At first I would do the OPI of the received material at site and then I would do my job by supervisory of installation of all detectors ,cabling , connections, start up , programing , modification of the logic, fault rectifying, normalizing the the system, I/O check, real function test according to cause and effect and delivery to the Clients also simultaneously I would do supervisory of installation and commissioning of the Co2 , Foam and Water Spray system , I would do the mechanical check, hydro test and pressure test, flushing , purging the pipelines ,installation of the instrumentation and control equipments on lines, commissioning and testing the system in auto mode and real test and release of the Co2,Foam and Water Spray ,checking the function of the system and finally delivering to the clients. I have worked with to other brand of MSA and Drager gas detection panels which were integrated with Minimax panels in different projects .

I did the supervisory installation and commissioning in the following projects :

-Biston Power Plant 4 units (Fire Alarm , Co2,Foam and Water spray system)/Kermansha,Iran
-Ardebil Combine Cycle Power Plant 2 units (Fire Alarm , Co2,Foam and Water spray system)/Ardebil,Iran
-PareSar Combine Cycle Power Plant 2 units (Fire Alarm , Co2,Foam and Water spray system)/Gilan,Iran
-Alsadr Power Plant 2 Units (Fire Alarm , Co2,Foam and Water spray system)/Baghda,Iraq
-Ilam Petrochemical ,GTG by Hitachi, 4 Unit(Fire alarm ,Co2 system),Ilam,Iran
-Abdan Oil Refinery,GTG by Hitachi,3 Units of 7 Units (Fire Alarm ,Co2 system),Khozestan,Iran
-Shazand Gasoline Refinery,GTG by Siemens ,3 Units(Fire Alarm ,Co2 system),Arak,Iran
-Crude Oil pump house , 1 Unit (Fire alarm , Foam system ) , Khozestan,Iran.

I also performed the maintenance and troubleshooting in some other projects .



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