amin hassan from Iran applies for Blue Card Germany

Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Industrial projects Latest occupation/title: technical advisor Latest main activities: working on electrical machines and automation


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Electrical Engineering and information technology Specialisation: electrical machines Additional trainings: industrial automation-

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Personal note /detailed application:

Master degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology-Leibniz University Hanover
Thesis:The Calculation of the Rotor Losses in the PMS Motors by the Combination of Transient and Harmonic Methods
Examiner of my thesis:Professor Ponick
( Sept/2001-Jul/2005 )
Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering –Najaf Abad University in Iran
1-Smart grid in Iran: Driving factors, evolution, challenges and possible solutions May 2011

2-The analysis of the rotor losses in PMSM motor in Persian 2012

Academic Teaching, Lecturer
University-Khomeini , Iran six Semesters teach several courses such as:
.Technical Language- Electrical Circuits
Industrial Research Activities in Shanta CO as a Managing consulate
Working on renewable energy programs in Isfahan province.2009
Analyzing the core losses of different electrical machines in order to reduce these losses in these machines.
Patents and Innovations
Designing an analytical method to find the core losses in the PMSM motors introduced in my master thesis at Hanover University-2012
Language abilities:
English -German and French



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