Prasobh from India applies for Blue Card Germany

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Hi my name is Prasobh. I am 22 years old and I am from India, specifically Kerala. I hold my bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation & Control Engineering from University of Calicut.

I have done my major project work at Kochi Refineries run by Bharat Petroleum, about the Gas Turbine control system called MARK-VI. A hands-on experience in the refinery background is an advantage for me. I have also presented a paper on the current technology of IGCC and Carbon Capture & Storage, which indicates my interest in the technological side. Moreover, the In-plant training from Fluid Control Research Institute has exposed me to various calibration techniques that the industry needs.

As a fresh graduate, I would like to kick start my career with a Global Petrochemical Industry. I love to take up challenges and work within the time space. I would like to present myself as 3 C’s ? committed, creative & confident. If you feel that I am fit for the position that you are looking to fill, please do give me a call and I will be waiting for it.


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